Use a Spreadsheet and Statistics to Better Understand Your Data

If you have ever studied Statistics, you may recall the importance of summarizing data and looking at how values are distributed. This tutorial covers a handful of spreadsheet formulas that will allow you to perform basic Statistics functions. Along the way, I use real-life numbers and address why the formulas and functions used are meaningful. Continue reading

How to Use Basic Math Functions in a Spreadsheet

This tutorial covers how to perform basic math operations and is aimed at beginning-level users of Excel and other similar spreadsheet programs such as LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets.

Personally, I prefer using a spreadsheet over a calculator. The reason is simple. Spreadsheets allow me to scan for and correct typos much easier than do most calculators. This allows me to enter long series of numbers if needed. Furthermore, at a fundamental level, computers are meant to compute. And, they can do so at lightning speed. Continue reading