Use Advanced Filter to get rid of duplicates in your spreadsheet

Having duplicate rows or entries in your spreadsheet can drive you up the wall. It could be that you need to clean up sloppy contact info from your address book, or maybe you need to consolidate several tables into one. There are a lot of possible scenarios where the Advanced Filter tool is the solution for getting rid of duplicates in your spreadsheet.

Advanced Filter

Here is a sample problem.

Each column has duplicate entries.

The first column shows row numbers. The second column shows names. The third column shows email addresses. The fourth column contains dates. The fifth column contains text.

  A B C D
1 Name Email Date Issue
2 Walter 10/1/2012 Health Care Reform
3 Tyrion 10/1/2012 Health Care Reform
4 Dan 10/1/2012 Health Care Reform
5 Glenn 10/1/2012 Health Care Reform
6 Tyrion 9/24/2012 Foreclosures
7 Glenn 9/24/2012 Foreclosures
8 Kalinda 9/24/2012 Foreclosures
9 Walter 9/24/2012 Foreclosures
10 Glenn 9/17/2012 Schools
11 Dan 9/17/2012 Schools
12 Tyrion 9/17/2012 Schools
13 Tyrion 9/10/2012 Immigration Reform
14 Tyrion 9/3/2012 Fracking

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